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Vibrant, Motovicity Distribution

Vibrant Performance

Since 1997 Vibrant Performance has produced some of the highest quality performance parts in the market today. Vibrant manufactures a large offering of fabrication components as well as complete exhaust and induction systems. Motovicity Distribution is proud to have Vibrant Performance in their lineup as a brand of choice for performance fabrication, exhaust and induction systems. Choosing the right Vibrant Performance parts for your vehicle can be tricky. Speaking with an authorized dealer can help you find the right products for your needs. Not sure where the nearest Authorized Dealer is? Email us at and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Vibrant Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Systems

From day one, Vibrant Performance has manufactured some of the best Direct Fit Stainless Steel Performance Exhausts Systems in the marketplace. Their exhausts are Dyno Proven to increase the horsepower of your Sport Compact. Not only does Vibrant offer some of the best complete exhaust systems you can buy, but they also manufacture everything you would need to fabricate your own.

Vibrant Performance Muffler

Universal Mufflers, Race Mufflers, Resonators, & Exhaust Tips

All Vibrant Performance Universal Mufflers, Race Mufflers, Resonators, and Exhaust Tips are constructed of either T304 Stainless Steel or T6061 Aluminum. The Universal Mufflers, Race Mufflers and Resonators all feature a “True Straight Through” design. This helps to reduce unwanted noise while maintaining peak performance. Vibrant Performance offers a variety of exhaust tips including; round, oval, square, rectangle, dual outlet, truck/suv, and bolt-on exhaust tips. All Vibrant exhaust tips are manufactured of T304 SS for maximum corrosion resistance.

Vibrant Performance Muffler

Catalytic Converter

Vibrant Performance offers both metal and ceramic Universal Catalytic Converters. These models are intended for “Pre-OBII” vehicles and are engineered to increase your horsepower while reducing exhaust back pressure.

Vibrant Performance Tubing


Vibrant Performance manufactures tubing for most fabrication projects. All Stainless Steel components are manufactured using T304 Stainless Steel. For Mandrel Bent Tubing, they have produced SS J bends, Aluminized J bends, SS 180 DEG. U-bends, SS 120 DEG., 90 Deg., 60 DEG., 45 DEG., and 15 DEG. bends. The 90 DEG. and 45 DEG. Vibrant Bends are also available in oval tubing. SS Schedule 10 Pipes are made in 45 DEG. Long, 90 DEG. Tight, Tee Pipes, and up 12” Straight Pipes. Vibrant also manufactures Stainless Steel Straight Tubes up to 5’ long in both Round and Oval options. All Vibrant Aluminum Tubing products are engineered from T6061 Aluminum. They manufacture 180 DEG. U-bends, 90 DEG. elbows, 45 DEG. elbows, 45 DEG. elbows, and Straight Tubing at 1.5mm thick and mirror polished.

Vibrant Exhaust Gasket

Gaskets & Exhaust Accessories

Vibrant Performance offers 2-Bolt, 3-Bolt, and Donut Style Exhaust Gaskets ranging from 2”-4” in diameter. Their Exhaust Flanges are available in 2-Bolt and 3-Bolt patterns at 10mm thick and engineered from T304 Stainless Steel. They also manufacture exhaust hanger rods; fasteners, exhaust sleeve clamps, inner silencers, exhaust seal clamps, and exhaust hanger rod clips. Stainless Steel Reducers and Transitions are available in either Concentric (Straight) or Eccentric (Offset) configurations allowing for easy transitioning of pipe size in most applications. Vibrant Performance offers a large variety of angled and non-angled sensor fittings, also known as bungs.

Vibrant Exhaust Manifold Flange

Exhaust Manifold Flanges

Vibrant Exhaust Manifold Flanges are laser cut with absolute precision from 10mm stainless steel. Their manifold flanges are available for Honda/Acura B-Series, Nissan KA24, Honda D-Series, GM 2.2L Ecotec, Honda h22-Series, Honda/Acura K-Series, Mitsubishi 4G63, Nissan SR20, and VW/Audi 1.8T motors.

Vibrant Turbo Merge Collector

Merge Collectors

Vibrant Performance Merge Collectors are available in a 4-1 or 2-1 option. Merge Collectors aid in freeing up horsepower from the exhaust system. Vibrant Merge Collectors are fabricated with precision using T304 Stainless Steel, TIG welds on each seam and are hand ported to ensure a free flowing exhaust system. Vibrant also has Turbo Manifold Merge Collectors available in 4-1 and 6-1 configurations. The Turbo Merge Collectors are engineered using T304 Stainless Steel Schedule 10 Pipes. This method allows for proper exhaust flow to minimize turbulence. These Collectors are a great way to save time and unnecessary work when fabricating your system.

Vibrant Headers


Much like their exhaust systems, Vibrant Performance Headers are manufactured from T304 Stainless Steel and engineered to fit the most popular sport compact vehicles. Vibrant Headers are available for the most popular Sport Compact models from Acura, Chevy, Honda and Mazda.

Vibrant Intercooler


Vibrant Performance manufactures all of the pieces necessary to fabricate your own intercooler system. Vibrant intercoolers are engineered with Bar & Plate technology that distributes cooler, denser air to your engine, taking full advantage of your turbo and decreasing the likelihood of detonation. These intercoolers are available in three sizes with or without end tanks.

Vibrant VanJen Clamp

Turbo Components

Vibrant engineers many components to aide in the integration of a turbo system. The VanJen Clamping System was developed to provide a leak-free connection with a Quick Release mechanism that is able to withstand 110 psi., up to 400 degrees, lateral misalignment and angular deflection (up to 12 deg.). VanJen Clamps are engineered from T6061 aluminum. Vibrant also has hard anodized aluminum union sleeves and aluminum weld fittings available. A Manual Boost Controller may be the solution you’ve been looking for to keep your boost manageable. Vibrant manufactures a CNC machined T6061 billet aluminum Manual Boost Controller that is easy to install and comes with everything you need to complete the project. Bellmouth Velocity Stacks can be installed to reduce turbo lag and improve horsepower and torque. Don’t forget the flanges! Vibrant offers Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Aluminum Turbo Flanges, as well as flange gaskets.

Vibrant Silicone Hoses

Silicone Products

Vibrant produces several of high quality silicone products. 4 Ply Reinforced Connectors, Silicone Vacuum Hose, Non-Reinforced Connectors, Reinforced Silicone Heater Hose and Multi-Ply Aramid Reinforced Silicone Connectors are all available from Vibrant Performance. Aluminum Joiners are available to allow you to develop custom silicone combos of your own.

Vibrant Air Filter

Air Filters

Vibrant Performance offers three types of air filter including; classic, open funnel, and crankcase breather filters. Each filter has a 4 ply cotton-gauze element for maximum airflow and come pre-oiled. These filters are washable and reusable with a thorough cleaning every 10k – 15k miles and carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Vibrant also has a Mass Air Flow Sensor Adapter to aide in connecting cone style filters to MAF Sensors found in many late model vehicles.

Vibrant Adjustable Timing Belt Tensioner

Adjustable Timing Belt Tensioner

Vibrant Performance fabricates Adjustable Timing Belt Tensioners for the Honda B and H series motors. These tensioners are manufactured using CNC machines and the highest quality T6061 Billet Aluminum available. Installation is a breeze as they bolt up to stock Honda engine blocks.

Vibrant Boost Brace


Vibrant Performance manufactures Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps and Worm Gear Clamps out of 300+ grade stainless steel. Vibrant’s Boost Brace eliminates the risk of your silicone tubing disconnecting when under high boost pressure. The Boost Brace is available in either Stainless Steel or Aluminum.

Vibrant Universal Catch Can

Universal Catch Cans

Vibrant Performance Universal Catch Cans are extremely versatile. Made from T6061 Aluminum, these Catch Cans can be used for Oil, Fluid and Vacuum applications. They can be cut, have pieces removed, etc. to adapt the Catch Can to fit your needs. Did we mention that they come in either Anodized Silver or Black!

Vibrant Universal Windshield Washer Bottle

Windshield Washer Bottle Kits

Sounds like an odd part for a performance parts manufacturer to make right? Wrong! Many of us have experienced issues installing a turbo system due to the stock windshield wiper bottle being in the way. In fact, most people completely remove the washer reservoir. Vibrant Performance developed two universal, compact versions so that you can not only drive fast, but see where you’re going too!

Vibrant-Turbo Oil Drain Kit

Fittings and Hoses

Vibrant Performance not only manufactures everything that you read about in the above paragraphs, but they also make everything to tie these parts together. Vibrant’s popular aluminum vacuum manifold has been completely overhauled to accommodate the use of six ports from a single source. The Vibrant One-Touch Pneumatic Vacuum Line Fittings are available in Male Straight, Male Elbow, Union Straight, Union Tee and Union Y. They also fabricate 10mm, 16mm, 19mm and Soft Mount Aluminum Vacuum Line fittings. A pioneering product from Vibrant is their Aluminum Vacuum Scavenger. This product allows you to be very sneaky and draw excess vacuum from your motor without modifications to your valve cover. AN, NPT, Filler Cap/Weld Bungs, Universal Oil Feed Kits and Universal Oil Return Kits are included in the ever growing list quality manufactured items that Vibrant Performance produces. Vibrant’s Braided Flexible Race Hoses are available in Stainless Steel and Black Nylon. Vibrant has engineered AN Swivel Style Hose End Fittings, AN to NPT and AN to AN Adapter Fittings, and Water jacket Adapter Fittings for GT28/G30/GT35.

Motovicity is the distributor of choice for Vibrant Performance products. We currently offer wholesale only service to performance shops in North America. Our knowledgeable staff can set you up with the right Vibrant Performance products for your customer. Contact us TODAY!

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