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Eibach Springs and Suspension Components

Eibach Performance Suspension & Valve Springs

Eibach high performance suspension springs and components are manufactured to tolerate the extreme conditions of hardcore racing. Eibach springs are a very popular brand for both sport compact and modern muscle enthusiasts. Motovicity Distribution stocks Eibach suspension springs and components for both sport compact and modern muscle markets. Eibach products and all offerings from Motovicity are available wholesale only.

Performance Springs

Eibach Performance Springs

Eibach offers three distinct performance spring kits for most sport compact or muscle car situations. The PRO-Kit (Step 1) is the #1 choice for enthusiasts globally. The reason behind the popularity of the PRO-Kit is due to the high performance handling, aggressive looks, low center of gravity, ride quality and of course their million mile warranty. The PRO-kit is capable of lowering your vehicle between 1.0” – 1.5”. The SPORTLINE Kit offers race-car like handling and is capable of lowering your vehicle between 1.7” – 2.3”. The Eibach SPORTLINE Kit was designed for the extreme enthusiast. Eibach’s DRAG-LAUNCH Kit offers a controlled weight transfer for maximum traction and reduced wheel spin. The DRAG-LAUNCH Kit is adjustable to your horsepower and tire package as well as a two-year warranty

Sway Bars

Eibach Sway Bar

Eibach has engineered an anti-roll kit that is essential to complete the Eibach Pro-System-Plus or Sport-System-Plus. These performance tuned sway bars improve and reduce body-roll and are balanced for neutral steering and precise turn-in response. The Eibach Anti-Roll Kit is calibrated for the PRO-Kit and SPORTLINE spring kits. These sway bars are manufactured from Hi-Tensile Steel Alloy that is Cold-Formed, Tempered and then Shot-Peened for maximum performance and durability. Eibach Anti-Roll Kits come with a million-mile warranty.

Eibach Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

Eibach’s Pro-Damper shock absorbers are engineered for high performance handling with compliant ride quality. The Pro-Damper is precision tuned to be used with the Eibach PRO-Kit and SPORTLINE Kits and come with a two-year warranty.

Suspension Systems

Eibach has developed suspension systems to make it easy for enthusiasts to get what they need. The PRO-PLUS and SPORT-PLUS systems provide matched performance springs and sway bars for absolute precision. These options are great for performance enthusiasts. The difference between the PRO-PLUS and SPORT-PLUS is the aggressiveness of the SPORT-PLUS System. The PRO-System was designed for exceptional ride quality and cornering capability. The PRO-System is equipped with high performance dampers, sport springs and bump-stops while offering a sporty lowered look. The PRO-System-PLUS was designed to provide the ultimate solution for street performance. This kit comes with everything necessary to dominate the street and feel comfortable doing it.

Coil-Over Suspension Systems

Eibach manufactures four coil-over suspension systems and several coil-over springs as well. The PRO-Street-S coil-over kit offers adjustable corner weighting and adjustable height between 0.8” – 3.0” and is designed for street and track performance. Eibach used rust-free stainless steel technology with the PRO-Street-S Kit and offer a one-year warranty on the product. The MULTI-PRO-R1 Coil-Over Kit offers a single adjustable rebound and compression damping. The MULTI-PRO-R1 is a mono-tube design that can be tuned with a range of Eibach ERS Springs and are equipped with Stainless-Steel/Teflon braided reservoir lines. These kits are designed and built in the USA. The Eibach MULTI-PRO-R2 Kit offers everything the MULTI-PRO-R1 Kit does, but was engineered with a double adjustable rebound and compression damping with remote reservoirs. The MULTI-PRO-CALLAWAY Coil-Over Kit was designed specifically for Corvettes in collaboration with Callaway and offers everything found in the Eibach MULTI-PRO-R2 Kit.


Eibach manufactures precision alignment kits that offer a wider range camber adjustment to prevent uneven tire wear on the street or at the track. The Eibach Pro-Alignment kits are compatible with all Sport-Lowered Suspensions and come with a two-year warranty. Eibach Performance Control arms are designed to allow wider wheel and tire combinations and solve tire-rubbing problems when teamed up with our front and rear PRO-ALIGNMENT camber kits and toe adjusters.

Eibach Valve Springs

Eibach Sway Bar

Valve springs play an important role in controlling the breathing in internal combustion engines. The valves are mechanically opened by a camshaft, via valve lifters or tappets, and closed by the valve springs. Eibach manufactures two styles of valve springs. The Eibach EVS Sport springs were engineered for long-term use for both racing and road vehicles. The EVS Pro springs were engineered for high performance motor sport vehicles and are capable of handling higher stress levels. EVS primary spring shapes are cylindrical, conical and beehive cylindrical with conical spring part on one side). EVS Sport Springs are predominantly designed for use with OE retainers. In contrast, EVS Pro springs often require the use of custom retainers and locks, with titanium often being the preferred material.

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