About Motovicity Distribution

You will find that we are unlike the traditional distributor that you may be used to. Instead of making you adjust to our practices, we listen to our customers and adapt to your needs. Additionally, we strongly believe in true Two-Step distribution and stand out by maintaining a 100% Wholesale Program. This ensures that we will never be your competition, unlike other distributors that also sell to the end user; your customer. Our wholesale program does a number of things for business owners: It allows you to keep your overhead costs down; maximizes our services to you, and in the end, saves to time and money. We also are in the position to refer business to your shop; we get countless calls everyday, and have no choice but to refer the business to you, our dealers.

Located in Southeast Michigan's Metro Detroit Area, our low shipping rates get products from our 35,000 sq.ft. warehouse, to your door, quickly and efficiently. Our new larger facility allows us to process and ship out all "ready-to-ship" orders within 1 business day. Why buy from the West Coast and pay higher shipping rates when the same products, accompanied with superior customer support, exist nearby? Shipping from our Midwest location not only reduces your shipping costs, but also gets product to your door NEXT DAY, if needed.

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